Tuesday, August 05, 2003


PCWorld.com - Digital Cameras Go Disposable  

PCWorld.com - Digital Cameras Go Disposable: "Digital Cameras Go Disposable

Ritz Camera offers an affordable digital alternative.
Grace Aquino, PCWorld.com
Friday, August 01, 2003"

After capturing 25 pictures on the Dakota Digital, users return the camera to a Ritz or Wolf lab that has the equipment to process the images. The camera uses a proprietary image format (Pure Digital Imaging Platform) that works only with Pure Digital's machines. It cannot be connected to a PC to transfer photos.

Prediction: In less than 6 months someone will discover how to convert these proprietary images to jpeg or something, publish instructions and software to the web, and these little gems will sell like hotcakes.

What companies fail to understand about today's world is that such tactics simply don't work any more. People (especially young kids who have grown in a digital world) can reverse engineer such efforts in short order and the Internet makes sure that such discoveries will reach the rest of humanity inside 24 hours.
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