Thursday, August 07, 2003


download page at myWebAttack  

download page at myWebAttack: "SeqDownload 1.0
download image sequences

SeqDownload is a tool to automatically download the same (image) file over and over. It is useful for images that are changing frequently, for example weather radars, statistical displays etc. The program can save the each file with a customizable name in the same folder and optionally create a Java animation from the saved images, allowing you to view the changes that have taken place over time in form of an animation. SeqDownload can integrate into the IE righ-click menu, allowing you to easily add new download jobs with a single click. Download jobs can start/stop at user defined times, and it can skip a download if the original file has not changed. Also supports commandline options."

Now here's a prime piece of software for those who live anywhere near Tornado Alley! Or Hurricane Alley, or ....

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