Friday, August 22, 2003


Another Nail in the Coffin...  

Write a Story, Go to Jail

From Wired Online
By Kim Zetter | Also by this reporter
02:00 AM Aug. 22, 2003 PT

Brian Robertson was just months away from graduation at Moore High School in Moore, Oklahoma, last year when he found the beginnings of what he thought was a short story on a school computer. He copied the file to another computer, added some paragraphs to the initial text and then promptly got arrested.

I urge you all to go read this story. Make time. I know that a certain caution is justified since the world turned upside down on 9/11/2001, but what we're seeing here is another big crack forming in the pillars that uphold our basic freedom. How much further must it go before they start general censorship of ALL OF US? Let's take a look at the situation: We can no longer speak our mind in public- we open ourselves up to lawsuits. We obviously can't write anything that might seem threatening, since we can be thrown in jail. The web will be next, of course. Then books. And the Law of the Land (i.e. the Constitution) is eroding before our eyes (or ears).

There may not be much time left, as we become a nation of cowards, instead of a nation of pioneers. Wake up, people! It's time to start putting on the brakes or prepare to get out while they still let us do that.


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