Saturday, August 09, 2003


Abolish the Digital Millenium Copyright Act Petition  

Abolish the Digital Millenium Copyright Act Petition
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To: US Congress and the Judiciary
We, the undersigned, are citizens who believe that the anti-circumvention provisions in Chapter 12 of the U.S. Copyright Act, enacted in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ('DMCA') must be repealed or struck down as unconstitutional. "

I believe that signing this petition is a prime example of exercising your rights, as a citizen. The DMCA, and the Gestapo mentality that spawned and supports it, is the same kind of thinking that supported Senator McCarthy in the 50's. The thought that a person can be persecuted for the ATTEMPT to violate a copyright is something that makes my skin crawl. Each and every ISP involved is now so scared of the bloodthirsty pack of lawyers ripping them to shreds that they're falling all over themselves to help stamp out "piracy" or anything that looks like it. And now they want to put hardware copyright protection into every single device that MIGHT be able to be used in violating copyrights of any kind: software, movies, or music. Presumably, printed books and magazines will be next. Then we'll all be fitted with glasses that keep us from looking at things we're 'not supposed to' see. In case no-one has noticed, yet, this kind of thing is already in place, helped out by manufacturers easger to seem helpful to The Big Wallets out there. Don't believe me? Did you ever try to make a copy of a DVD to video tape? Such a thing is perfectly leagal (as long as you own the DVD in question), yet hardware in the DVD player and VCR will keep you from doing it, because it MIGHT be a rented copy and not your own.

So please take this opportunity to fight back before it's too late. If each one of us fails to fight, then let me hear no whining after it's too late!
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