Sunday, July 27, 2003


From the Top Branches  

Well, here it is! What? Well, it's going to be my observations on life, the universe, and the rest of the beings on this planet. I figured "Hey! Why not give myself plenty of space (and time) to wander around in?". I didn't feel like drawing lines around my blogs and trying to make myself walk inside the lines.

I'm involved with computers and have been for many years. Since my dad was highly involved in developing the RAM that keeps all our systems humming, you might say that I've been involved with computers all my life. My interests don't stop there, by a long way! I've been reading since the age of 7 and I've seldom met a book I didn't like. All those years add up to a LOT of books. And, they've given me a love of knowledge that I don't think I could have gotten any other way.

That's not to say that I think that the current crop of kids - the first 'online' generation - is slighted in any way. To the contrary, through the wonder of computers and the Internet, their horizons are limitless and they have access to more libraries than can fit in any one town or city. I hope that they'll take that power and use it to begin knitting the human race back together. It's happening in many small ways, every day. Every time some kid in front of a keyboard in Des Moines starts trading jokes with a kid in front of a keyboard in Vladisvostok (even or especially if they don't realize it!), then the world gets just a little bit better and the gulf between us all shrinks a microscopic amount. And that's a good thing. If we get lucky and the human race is still here in a hundred years, I don't think that there will be so much emphasis on borders or colors or any of the other things we've invented to try and make ourselves feel like we're above anyone else. Maybe we've finally started to grow up. I hope so.

The thing that makes it all possible, of course, is the same one that makes it possible for me to slap this stuff against the wall to see what sticks :). In terms of what the net makes possible, it's likely to be the saving of us all. Anything that makes communication between people easier has to be a good thing.

It also makes it possible for us to write this intangible graffitti on the walls of time. Who knows, maybe it will do some good!
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