Wednesday, July 30, 2003


Bush Refuses to Declassify Saudi Section of Report  

Bush Refuses to Declassify Saudi Section of Report: "By DAVID JOHNSTON and DOUGLAS JEHL

WASHINGTON, July 29 — President Bush refused today to declassify a 28-page chapter of a Congressional report on the Sept. 11 attacks. He said disclosure of the deleted section, which centers on accusations about Saudi Arabia's role in financing the hijackings, 'would help the enemy' and compromise the administration's campaign against terror."

Yeah, right ;^)

What we have here is a classic case of the government using any means it can to save itself from having to act. Of course, if anyone with an ounce of brains thought about what they were doing, they wouldn't bother. As long as we KNOW that there is a section dealing with Saudi Arabia, then it becomes painfully obvious that the reason the government doesn't want it released is that the American people would be out for blood (internally and externally) when we discover that the Saudi's were involved in funding Bin Laden. I don't know if it's enough to send us to war, but Bush doesn't want to chance it, given his hawkish stance on interfering in foreign governments.

Now, would it "help the enemy" to reveal the info? I'm not sure how, unless we are to believe that we have a spy highly placed in the Saudi government whose identity would be revealed, should this section of the report be published. We have yet to hear about that and it's highly unlikely that we ever would. Again, not revealing info because it would compromise the source is just as bad as showing your hand. All this because if someone knows that the question exists, there can't be any rational explanation for hiding the answer unless it's the one that no-one wants to see.
I believe, that always there is a possibility.
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